• Compliance Services

    Gap and Maturity Assessments

    The gap and maturity assessment give clear insight on organizations' information security strength.

  • Internal Audit

    Internal auditing is an independent and objective compliance check activity to evaluate the compliance of the organization and help to improve organization governance, risk management and management controls. SolutionFV provides Internal Audit for following standards.

    ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System
    ISO 22301 - Business Continuity
    ISO 20000 - Service delivery Management.
    ISO 9001 - Quality management.
  • Standards Implementation & Certification

    This is customized service helping clients to establish, implement, manage, and maintain following standards:

    ISO 27001- Information Security Management System.
    ISO 22301 - Business Continuity
    ISO 20000 - Service delivery Management.
    ISO 9001 - Quality management.
    ISO 27701 - Privacy Information Management System.
    ISO 27032 - Security techniques.
  • Physical Security Review

    The objective of this service is to assess and evaluate the physical security controls in the organization, identify weaknesses, and to provide recommendation.

Information Security Governance

Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

This Service assess, evaluate, modify and mitigate the cybersecurity risk for an organization.

Cyber Security Policies & Procedures

Help organizations to develop policies and procedures that sets out a framework of governance and accountability for information security management.

Information security Organization

This service aims to establishing Cybersecurity structure and hierarchy in an organization.

Technical Security Assessment

Vulnerability: The objective of the vulnerability assessment is to identify and assess all present vulnerabilities and suggests remediation.
External Penetration Testing: is a thorough security analysis for the IT infrastructure defenses against attacks.
Internal Penetration Testing: This test checks for vulnerabilities in the internal network that may lead to a breach of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of data.
Web Application Penetration Testing: is to ensure the security of the information by identifying unknown vulnerabilities within the web application layer.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing: Mobile Application Penetration Testing.
Wireless Penetration Testing: to test the effectiveness of the Wireless security Controls and also to analyses the Weakness and vulnerabilities.
Secure Code review: is a specialized task involving manual and/or automated review of an application's source code in an attempt to identify security-related weaknesses (flaws) in the code.
Security Analysis of Industrial Systems (APCS, SCADA): to provide an assessment for the current level of protection of an industrial system.
DDoS Simulation Testing: to simulate real-life DDoS attack scenarios to expose system vulnerabilities and allow enterprises to put their security strategies to the test.
Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment: advanced threat detection service made for organization suspected a data breach.
Social Engineering: used to test and manipulate the organization employees into allowing unauthorized access to confidential information.
Red Teaming: The Red Teaming Test simulates a real-life attacker scenario and target organization’s vulnerable assets.
Forensic Investigations: During a breach, it's essential to move quickly and contain the threat to minimize the impact by determining the root cause.
Secure Configuration Review: provides a comprehensive and detailed security audit for network components such as switches, servers and routers.
SOC Assessment: is a review for the components associated with any typical security operations center.
Secure Architecture Review: review for current network architecture from a security perspective based on International acclaimed standards and best practices.
SOC Services: comprehensive solution for businesses to ensure the safety and confidentiality of their data.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Next Generation Firewalls

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Endpoint Detection
& Response

Web Email Security

Web Application Firewalls

Endpoint Security

Social Network Security

Threat Intelligence Platforms

Social Engineering Defense

Vulnerability Management

Cybersecurity Training

SolutionsFV provides onsite on demand information security training courses through our highly qualified and authorized instructors. Courses include EC-Council, PECB, CompTIA, ISACA, (ISC)2, Redhat and many others.

Training Roadmap

In accordance with the clients’ requirements and objectives, we design or customize courseware material based on international best practices, current technological advancements, and well-known Quality Assurance approaches.

Training delivery methods

When planning a training program, delivery is an important aspect that should be considered, and choosing the right one is a good investment.

Classroom: In-person training allows you to convey practical experience and broadcast corporate culture, makes communication occur in real time.
Online: they're a convenient and cost-effective way to reach every employee of a large company.
eLearning: it’s cost-effective, and you can be sure that your team will have the necessary training done by a certain date.

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